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Harpsichord 2000
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The modern harpischord

 The modern harpsichord, The harpsichord as we know it today, has inspired the greatest composers of the 20th century. They have given the modern harpsichord an extraordinarily rich repertoire. They have brought a new image to the modern harpsichord. Leaving its former reputation far behind, casting off the weight of tradition and using the ideas, technology and techniques of today, they have been totally free to discover the potential and the rich expressiveness of this old instrument, as never imagined before.

 Composers : Manuel de Falla, Xénakis, Ligeti, Halffter, Donatoni, Gorcki, Mache, Ferrari, Finzi and Nyman, to name but a few, have tuned into the power, range of expression and unique tone of the harpischord. They are sensitive to its resonant and dynamic combinations of register and its capacity to 'beat out' rhythms, all rhythms from the most abstract to the most modern.

 Through their sensitivity, intelligence and ability to discover, composers of the 20th century have made the modern harpsichord into an instrument of the our times, opening out unceasingly towards the future.


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