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Clavecin 2000
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Elisabeth Chojnacka harpsichord
Ko Ishikawa shô
Xavier Mertian percussion
Dimitri Yanov-Yanovsky chang
Stephan Schmidt flamenca guitare
Max Bonnay bandoneon

 Elisabeth Chojnacka is recognised by critics word-wide as an extraordinary artist. She is considered to be the best modern harpsichord performer and is praised for her "torrid and passionate harpsichord playing", her "energy and passion", her "amazing rhythm", her "prodigious and insolent style", and for her "profound musicality". Working with Elisabeth Chojnacka and thanks to her, many of the greatest composers have discovered "how fantastically unique this old instrument still is".

1-4 Grant Mac Lachlan (South Afrika)
Umbhiyozo Waze Afrika (Africa celebrate), for harpsichord and african percussion (1999) Extrait sonore * )
5  Mauricio Sotelo (Spain)
Càbala del caballo, for harpsichord and flamenca guitare (2000)
6  Yves Prin (France)
Tango fusion (nouvelle version), for harpsichord and bandoneon (1999) Extrait sonore * )
7  Graciane Finzi (France)
Expressivo, for harpsichord and tape (1996)
8  Dimitri Yanov-Yanovsky (Ouzbekistan)
Music of dreams, for harpsichord, chang and tape (1999)
9  Grant Mac Lachlan (South Afrika)
Shingalana, for harpsichord and tape (1996) Extrait sonore * )
10  Toshi IchiYanagi (Japan)
Mirage, for shô and harpsichord (1998)
11    Stephen Montague (USA)
Phrygian Tucket, for harpsichord and tape (1994)

 Elisabeth Chojnacka has always had not only the taste for adventure needed to live life to the full but also the courage and free spirit which allow her to undertake the most exciting of journeys.


 As Elisabeth Chojnackà takes us with her to South Africa, then to Andalusia, on to Buenos Aires, and through Central Asia to Japan, her aesthetic and moral demands are far too great to allow her to fall into the fashion trap of World Music which she regards as insipid ‘fast food sound’ imprudently colonial in flavour. Her intense curiosity combined with respect and admiration for cultures of other countries and continents is transmitted through new works she commissions from their composers.


 Elisabeth Chonjnackà comes to us laden with sumptuous gifts of extraordinary music. Without a doubt, her name is synomymous with true avant-garde today!


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