Elisabeth Chojnacka
Harpsichord 2000
Maurice OHANA

Maurice OHANA

Elisabeth Chojnacka harpsichord;
Béatrice Daudin, percussion;
Fabrice Mélinon, oboe;
Miklos Nagy, horn
Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
Arturo Tamayo, direction

Académie du Disque
Charles Cros

Alta Musica

Grand Prix de l'Académie du Disque
Charles Cros

Piano Le Magazine
Number 33
March– April 2003


....We get a complete vision of the richness brought to the repertoire of the harpsichord by Maurice Ohana through his perseverance. But what would it be without the drive of Elisabeth Chonjacka, the muse of the modern harpsichord? And what will become, after her, of the vast repertoire which she, for the most part, inspired if those obsessed by the baroque jack persist in telling music-lovers that the harpsichord is a museum piece?
by fusing rich friendships with the composers, the great Polish ladies, Wanda Landowska and Elisabeth Chojnacka have shown with great passion how the harpsichord can express the most diverse sensitivity and expression of the 20th century. Yes, the harpsichord is a sumptuous, modern day instrument and our flamboyant red head has chosen to be vibrant and not stultified!
At a time when so many harpsichord soundtracks are manipulated artificially making them tiring to listen to and aggressive to the ear, this recording brings us the added pleasure of a natural sound which respects the fragile balance between the harpsichord and its partners whilst never losing the resonance of the harmonies.

Silviane Falcinelli


decembre 23, 2002

Alta Musica

Elisabeth Chojnacka translates, through extremely subtil variations, the immediacy of the rhythmic pulsation that pervades this recording, captivating the essence of Ohana's music. This recording is also a magnificent praise to the harpsichord, an instrument, which according to the composer is "cruel whilst possessing a fantastic greatness".

Françoise Malettra


January 2003 - n°272

Alta Musica

The harpsichord player, for whom contemporary music no longer holds any secrets, discovers truly magic resonance in "Miroir de Celestine". This is a very beautiful recording to accompany "Chiffres de clavecin" by the same recording studio.
Le Monde de la Musique

Jean Roy


January 2003 - n°164

Alta Musica

In the 20th century, music for the harpischord has not hesitated in throwing off its neo-baroque connotation. One can even say that for more than thirty years, largely thanks to the the efficient efforts of harpishord players such as Elisabeth Chojnacka, the instrument once only associated with Bach and Couperin has become a noteworthy element in the life of contemporary music...Repertoire
Elisabeth Chojnacka, to whom contemporary music owes so much, is the impeccable virtuoso of the programme. She is accompanied by this remarkable, totally committed group from Luxemburg.

Jacques Bonnaure



Recommande par Classica
Elisabeth Chojnacka, faithful friend to whom the composer often dedicates his work, knows all the secrets of this music. Excellently accompanied, she is the perfect guide to penetrate these often unaccessible sounds. What an opening of horizons for harpsichord players!

Jennifer Lesieur

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