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Let’s test your Personal Tax Quotient in 2019 – Quiz – Unovest

-the 2nd maxim holds true only when a tax payment can be deferred independently of before-tax cash flows or when the value of deferral exceeds any opportunity cost of a change in before-tax cash flows. History of the Income Tax.

Test on Income Tax (IB3) In respect of listed shares held for 10 months sold in previous year, the rate of tax in respect of capital gains is Capital gain arising on the sale of land to an individual/HUF is exempt from tax under section 10(37) if the land was being used for agriculture purposes by such HUF or individual or parent of his during.

Tuesday is of course April 15 – deadline day for filing your federal taxes this year. And, in wrapping up our three-part series on taxes, The Early Show thought it would be fun to see just how.

FROM THE UNOVEST BLOG. Quantum India ESG Fund NFO – an extra layer of quality? Let’s test your personal tax quotient in 2019 – Quiz; Is Senior Citizen Savings Scheme an income option, post retirement? Sovereign Gold Bonds 2019 – All you need to know before you invest; ICICI pru mnc fund – NFO – What’s new?

There’s been plenty of hubbub about the tax overhaul that took effect in January 2018, but even after all that you’ve read and heard, do you really know how taxes are changing? Test your knowledge.

Tax occupies the biggest space in our minds. It is the first cell that is activated in any individuals brain after s/he gets the first pay cheque.. continue reading about Let’s test your Personal Tax Quotient in 2019 – Quiz

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Every time you take the quiz, you will get a set of 10 random questions around taxation and its link to expenses, savings, investments, etc. So, get started now! Click on the link below. Check out your Personal Tax Quotient for 2019. Yes, you can take the quiz multiple times. Make it fun. Get your friends and colleagues to take it too and compare scores.

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This 13 question untimed test is designed to measure your general intelligence. Your Test Will NOT Be Saved! Our site can store all of your scores on the tests you complete as well as the answers you have entered. Creating an account or logging in below is quick and easy, so please do this.

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