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Tesla’s Worst-Case Price Target Slashed to $10 at Morgan Stanley

Kudos to morgan stanley. 10 above the current price. The target is also un-bravely in the middle of a rather well-established trading range. Nevertheless, the assessment perfectly pegs the sum.

Analysts at Barclays cut their price target. Earlier this month, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas lowered his "bear case" outcome for the stock price, a view based on a series of worst-case.

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Morgan Stanley slashed its bear forecast on Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) to $10 from $97, saying the downwardly revised worst-case scenario assumes a major. However, analyst Adam Jonas maintained his.

Tesla stock has already dropped a bunch, but some analysts think it could fall. For instance, Morgan Stanley recently cut its bear-case forecast to $10, Worst- case scenario, Tesla loses significant market share as new.

May 21 (Reuters) – Shares of Tesla Inc. on Tuesday, as Morgan Stanley analysts outlined a worst case scenario that could see the electric carmaker’s stock price fall as low as $10. Another.

The analyst’s radical $10 estimate for Tesla unsurprisingly attracted a lot of attention, and it did not take long before news of Morgan Stanley’s updated views made the rounds online.

Morgan Stanley cut its price target on Tesla shares by 23%, a notable action by a firm that has taken a bullish position in the company.

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas cut his bear case outlook scenario on Tesla’s stock from $97 to $10 in a note published Tuesday. This worst-case scenario would represent. Jonas’ base case price.

Morgan Stanley Piles Pressure on Tesla With $10 Worst Case Call. was the latest to cut its price target for the elon musk-run company to $340 from $400, saying concerns over demand, credibility.

Tesla shares could drop as low as $10, Morgan Stanley analysts. from investment firms look at worst case scenarios and are not predictions of performance under normal circumstances. Morgan.

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Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas has cut his worst-case price for Tesla Inc. (TSLA) to a jaw-dropping $10 from $97. Jonas cited the company’s rising debt pile, insufficient near-term demand and.

May.21 — Tesla Inc. saw Morgan Stanley analysts slash the automaker’s worst-case scenario for the share price to just $10 on demand concerns. Bloomberg’s David Welch reports on "Bloomberg Markets."

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